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Jelly Donut


This donut quite possibly set the record for most jelly inside. Andrew said: “it’s like a ball of jelly with a little dough wrapped around it.”

Poll: What Should Be Andrew’s Snack Of The Week?

Andrew is looking for a snack of the week next week. Please comment on this post for what you think it should be! Think of any snack… exceeept the ones that could kill him. I will decide the winning snack and may or may not purchase it for Andrew. Before submitting your suggestion, please review these disclaimers regarding the snack:

– Cannot contain ANY nuts (except walnuts)

– Cannot contain ANY milk

Good luck!

Mullet Polaroid Photo


The best part of Andrew rocking a mullet for 80s day last year is that he went to a salon and specifically requested it. The woman helping him didn’t speak English well and had no idea what he was talking about. He tried describing it as “you know, business in the front, party in the back” but that didn’t help. He resorted to looking through a hairstyle book and finding a picture of what the front should look like and a picture of what the back should look like. The mullet fit in well with his Marty McFly costume.
When I asked Andrew if he was comfortable with me using this photo he quickly said “of course. I’m beautiful.”