Wing Town Cafe Flyer


One time we ordered wings from Wing Town Cafe (which were amazing) but Andrew decided to order the hottest wings on the menu. Let’s just say it didn’t sparkle with Andrew’s tummy.

The good news: now, if you’re ever in Oakland near the corner International blvd./High st. and want wings, you know where to go!


GSW ‘Thunder’ Bobblehead


Andrew keeps his bobbleheads in four rows.
Back row: coaches/old timers/non-players
Third row: pitchers
Second row: position players
Front row: extreme miscellaneous

The former Warriors’ mascot is front and center.

Drexel Notebook


I got the full Drexel basketball update this morning:
– 10th in mid-majors in the nation
– they have a ‘bracket buster’ game coming up against Cleveland State. Naturally, Andrew compared the moustaches of the two coaches
– Drexel received two votes for the top 25
– Drexel is a perennial bracket buster team

Says Andrew: ‘I think if we win out, we can make the top 25!’

Rick Vaughn Bobblehead


When I see this bobblehead, all I think of are classic Major League quotes.
“Juuust a bit outside.”
“Forget about the curveball Ricky; Give ’em the heater.”
There are better ones that I won’t mention.

This item was on Andrew’s desk for less than a day; he originally traded with someone for this doll, only problem being that person didn’t know.

‘Hi Andy!’ Sign


Three things about Andrew:
1. Hates being called Andy.
2. Hates when inventory event items in our ticket system are not in order.
3. Hates being frustrated.

Naturally, my accomplice and I finished off items 1 and 2, effectively causing item 3. The trifecta.

Penguin Eraser

Andrew’s new best friend: his penguin eraser. The first day he had it on his desk, he brought it to me and said ‘check it out! and the best part: it’s a puzzle too.’ (proceeded to take it apart). I think the best part about it is just how tiny it is on his desk compared to everything else: